Routine Vehicle Maintenance

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Transmission Services

At Motorwerks, we have the most advanced transmission fluid exchange system available on the market. Traditionally when servicing your transmission, a drain bolt is loosened to remove transmission fluid from the pan of your transmission. This method will usually remove anywhere from 2-3 quarts of fluid. Most transmission systems are a total of 10-12 quarts. Our fluid exchanger will change the entire quantity of fluid in your transmission usually for a lesser cost than the traditional service. We employ the BG PXT Performance Exchange system for this method.

Performance Exchange™ for Transmissions

BG PXT™ Performance Exchange™ for Transmissions will remove accumulated deposits with worn-out transmission fluid. The PXT™ will perform the transmission fluid exchanges process quickly and effectively with no costly downtime. Carefully designed features of the BG PXT™ are what separate this automated transmission exchange system from its competition.

BG PXT™ features an onboard computer with a full-color, multi-language touchscreen that allows users to select weight measurements in gallons or liters. It also leads the technician through each step of the automatic transmission fluid exchange service and counts the services performed in over a chosen period of time. With adjustable fluid metering control, technicians can customize each service to model-specific requirements.

Service time can be as short as two minutes due to the use of an exchange booster and dual gear-driven pumps along with new and used fluid tanks.

The BG PXT™ is fully automatic. When the exchange is complete, the unit simply sends the incoming new fluid to the transmission, while the old fluid is safely captured inside the unit.

Most of our clients have reported a significant difference in the feel of the vehicle after this service is completed.


Fuel Injection

At Motorwerks, we firmly believe in providing products and services that truly benefit our clients. That is why we tied up with BG Products and introduced their Fuel/Air services. A BG Fuel Injection service will effectively clean your fuel injectors with a special apparatus tied to your fuel rail. We have successfully cleared clogged injectors with this system.

BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner is a specially formulated blend of solvents, high molecular-weight dispersants and deposit control additives which will quickly, effectively and safely clean fuel injectors and help remove upper engine deposits.

This product is designed to be used with the BG 9210 Inject-A-Flush® Apparatus and BG 44K® Part No. 208. BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner contains deposit control additives which “pre-soak” rock-hard valve deposits. This allows the powerful cleaning ingredients in BG 44K® to provide even more effective cleanup. Not harmful to any fuel system components including gaskets, hoses, metals, fuel tank bladders, fuel pumps, O-rings, etc. Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor safe.


With current direct injection technologies employed in most modern engines, carbon deposits/build up is a common problem. This results in degradation in performance and fuel economy. Motorwerks offers the BG Air Induction Cleaning apparatus which will safely inject a potent chemical down the intake of your vehicle to burn off these carbon deposits. This method is so safe and effective, Audi has started to employ this system on routine services combined with BG MOA.

BG MOA® prevents oxidation and thickening of engine oil under even the most severe stop-and-go, high temperature driving conditions. It fortifies all qualities of engine oil to provide superior long-lasting engine protection and helps maintain optimum engine performance. BG MOA® keeps piston ring belts, hydraulic lifters and other engine components clean to help extend engine life and reduce costs of operation. It is compatible with both synthetic and petroleum-based oils. The Thin Film Oxidation Uptake Test (TFOUT), ASTM Test Method D4742, proves BG MOA’s remarkable resistance to oxidation by more than 200% longer than six major brands of SL quality oil. At the conclusion of the API Sequence IIIF Engine Test‚ a major brand, high-quality reference oil barely passed the 80-hour test with a viscosity increase of 255 percent. At 80 hours, another brand of oil fortified with BG MOA® had a viscosity increase of only 57 percent. At the conclusion of the triple-length, 240-hour test, it was still well within the viscosity limits with an increase of only 198 percent.



Coolant is depleted of buffering ingredients and becomes extremely corrosive, literally eating holes in cooling system components. By-products of corrosion damage, as well as rust and scale, clog the passageways that conduct the water through the radiator and choke off the flow. This may result in an overheated engine that may be damaged beyond repair


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Power Steering

The power steering pump produces high pressure between 800–2000 pounds, with high heat. This leads to fluid breakdown and failure.
Symptoms include groaning and whining noises, erratic steering and pump leaks

A/C Work

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We have been known for years for providing the best in wheel and tire care in the Houston area. Our equipment is designed to handle any job. Our Italian Corghi AM50 Tire Changer will ensure no metal surface comes in contact with your expensive wheels to prevent any scratches. We can change tires up to 30" in diameter without the use of pry bars and other archaic methods.

Italian Corghi AM50 Hunter GSP9700

In order to ensure a quality wheel balance on your vehicle, we have a Hunter GSP9700 Road force Balancer. Our wheel balancer will actually apply 800 pounds of road force onto the assy when balancing. We can also use special features such as Force Matching to detect the high point of the wheel and low point of the tire to minimize the amount of weights we apply to your wheels. Our balancer will also apply different weights to the inner and outer edges of your barrel to ensure a perfect balance.


We have some of the most advanced tools for coding vehicles. Coding is a required procedure when adding and/or replacing control modules. It is also required when retrofitting vehicles with options that did not come from factory. We have several tools that can be used to code most makes and models.  Please call and inquire about this service.  




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